Frequently Asked Questions

How does our office send information to you?
What reports can we expect at month end?
How do you send medical claims to insurance carriers?
Do you follow up on insurance inquiries?
Is Medsys equipped to handle out of state clients
What makes Medsys different from other medical billing service providers?
Can we use software for appointments and office management
Will I have access to my patient data?
Do you credential providers?
Will you train our staff?
Do we have to have computers in our office?
Do you do patient billing and collections?
What do I do to get started?
How are payments received and posted?
How quickly will I be reimbursed?
How often are my claims processed?
What if patients call my office with questions about their claims?
How do I know my patient data is secure?
Do you have real time claims status and patient eligibility?
Do you provide coding and consulting services?